JoyBox Lumière Candle base

JoyBox Lumière Candle base

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Introducing our first product in our new home series. JoyBox Lumière is a handmade wooden candle base that is sure to bring Joy to any special occasion. Available in 3 colors, this candle base holds 50 tapered candles. Create beautiful memories for birthdays, anniversaries and more by choosing candles that match any theme. You can mix and match candles to create a new experience every time. 

Candle base colors: JoyBox Signature Soft Pink (shown in photos), Weathered Oak (shown in photos), and Soft White

Size: ~3 feet long

PLEASE NOTE: Candles are not included since there are so many colors to choose from. We recommend ordering from Amazon or Yummi Candles. Please order 7/8" diameter candles. We recommend choosing 10", 12", and 15" candles for your JoyBox Lumière. We have found that the 18" candles bend too easily once they are hot. Each candle base holds 50 tapered candles, but you can choose to light all or some of them. You can also use some of the holes in the base to hold flowers as seen in the photo. 

Link to candles we love: (TONS of gorgeous colors and great pricing)


It is important not to leave the candles unattended when they are lit. Do not light within reach of children or any combustible or flammable materials. 50 candles produces a lot of heat, so only keep lit for short amounts of time. 

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